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‘How are you?’, is a question you probably get asked at least a few times a day. Do you find yourself telling others you’re well, when inside you’re wondering if you could be happier? Are you secretly struggling with one area of your life? Or wishing you could adopt healthier eating and moving habits? Maybe you’re sick of being single or you’re eager to steer your current relationship back on track?

Well look no further, and come on a journey with me so we can learn, grow and start living a life we love.

With over 10 years experience in the field of beauty and lifestyle journalism, writing for titles like Stylist, Psychologies, Tatler, and Fabulous Magazine, I have built a reputation for my open, honest, and insightful writing style. So, whether it be finding inner peace on a yoga retreat I tried and tested, loving the skin you are in through my nutritional, fitness, beauty and health recommendations, or finding the answers to your relationship questions as I document my dating experiences (and get leading experts to offer up the best advice) – you’ll find the tools for happiness here.