Box Clever…why this full body workout is all the rage


Boxing has had somewhat of a revival – there’s Shadow Box in New York (who paved the way for chic boutique women friendly boxing spots) and Gotham Gym – both of which I tried and loved when I went to NYC last month for Fashion Week. Kobox here in London (I’m a big fan), Fight Club at Lomax Chelsea (another favourite) and even chain gyms are stepping up their ‘combat’ classes. I’ve always been a fan of punching (no not people’s faces), so I love how the latest classes have moved away from aerobics style air punching affairs to focusing on technique and lot’s more action on the bags.

As a huge sports movie/documentary fan I’ve often wondered what it would be like to train at a real boxing gym. Those Rocky sequences of him running, hitting the bag and sparing while getting ready for a fight have always left me wishing I could do something like that (minus the actual getting into the ring – I like my face just the way it is). Boutique gyms like Kobox give you that taste of a professional boxing space without you actually having to dedicate your life to the sport. You can pay as you go, so there is no pressure but you’re taught by instructors who have actually fighting experience.

You might think that boxing purely works the arms, but it is in fact a full body cardio and strength workout that is both anaerobic and aerobic. This means this high intensity interval training style class will help you build strength, make you quicker on your feet and kick start your metabolism – what’s not to love?!

There are other benefits too; your core gets an intense session thanks to the constant hip rotation when you deliver each blow and your co-ordination will see an improvement too (if you’re anything like me, this is a welcome bonus). In my opinion however, the best benefit is the ‘release’. After a long day at work each blow chips away at my stress levels, and if the music is on point too I pretty much spend the whole class with a massive smile on my face! If you’ve never tried boxing before I urge you to give it a go; I’m sure like me you’ll be hooked in no time.



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