Party prep…treatment apps, and one-stop-shop salons to the rescue

On big nights out, special events and weddings I enlist the help of experts to help me get picture perfect. One of my best friends got married recently and having just come out of hospital the day before (after a week long stint) I needed a glam squad more than ever. What I also needed was said glam squad to be as convenient as possible. I didn’t have the time or energy to go far and wide to get my hair, nails and make-up done, I say this because I’ve been known to travel two hours (bus, tube, train and bus) just to get my eyelash extensions done (Kelly Hanys in Bromley, Kent is the best I’ve ever had!). With that in mind a home visit was exactly what I needed. Uspaah the app that provides therapists for hair, massage, nails and more to your door was the perfect solution. I booked a gel mani/pedi and enjoyed the service in the comfort of my own home – my sofa to be exact!

There were a decent amount of colours to choose from, I went for a nude (it goes with everything) on both my hands and feet and sat back and relaxed while my therapist went to work. She was fab and even brought chocolates along for me – can’t get better than that right!?

The next day I went to Urban retreat, Harrods (a mere two minutes from the wedding venue) for a blow-dry and make-up appointment. I wanted a Lana Del Ray/Blake Lively old Hollywood glamour look and was not disappointed. My appointments were back to back and I even changed there. They can keep your clothes and get them sent back to you if taking them to your event is too much of a hassle.

My hair was blow-dried and put into curlers and I had my make-up done while the curls set. There is no way I could have achieved this look on my own – I don’t have the skills or the patience! The make-up was exactly how I like it and yes this I could have done but why bother when someone can do it for you I say. Applying false lashes is such a faff and when you really want to look your best, nine times out of ten something goes wrong. I loved my smokey eyes, it’s a look I haven’t worn for an age as it’s a bit of an effort to do and I’ve become so used to applying a highlighter under my brow and liner along the lash line that anything else feels like hard work.

I wore a sparkly, backless Needle & Thread dress that I nabbed during the Net-a-Porter sale and a pair of Nine West shoes I bought about 10 years ago (classic buys never go out of fashion). The whole experience was totally stress free and I was more than pleased with the results.