Brush Lust…my favourite make-up brushes revealed


With so many beauty products launching day in and day out it takes a lot to get me excited. But the one thing that after over 10 years as a beauty journalist is guaranteed to get my attention is a really good make-up brush! It’s not just the look (although that’s a bonus), it’s its ability to take my favourite make-up products and amp them up a notch – it’s all in the application my friends.

Zoeva brushes are the full package. I adore the ultra feminine rose gold versions of some of the best brushes I have ever used (they come in other colour combinations too). A mix of affordable 100 per cent vegan offerings and synthetic and natural haired brushes, there’s something for everyone and some great multitaskers thrown in to boot.

Now although I pretty much own every kind of brush imaginable for my everyday make-up I actually only need a not so grand total of 5. Here’s what I use and how I use them…

Foundation Brush

I hold my hands up, I’m one of those people that does their make-up on public transport. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a morning person so if I can catch some extra zzz’s and do my ‘face’ on the tube I will. This is where a good foundation brush comes in handy as fingers aren’t conducive to on-the-go make-up application. I simply pour foundation onto the brush and buff into the skin – it’s quick, easy and there’s no mess.

image102 Silk Finish Foundation Brush


Concealer Brush

Shadows under the eyes, redness around the nose, spots and pigmentation can all be hidden with a good concealer and a superior brush. I prefer the buffing variety over traditional flat brushes as they create more of a blurred finish.


142 Concealer Buffer Brush


Powder Brush

Now this is an area of contention for me. When I see make-up artists on shoots and backstage at fashion week, they all use very little powder – sticking to a light dusting on the chin forehead and nose. I have oily skin and simply can’t live without a good dose of powder all over to set my make-up. So, with that said it stands to reason that I would need a decent and durable powder brush. Like this number, the ideal face powder brush should not be dense and closely packed together as that would result in a cakey finish.

face brush

106 Powder Brush


Highlighter Brush

I’ve always been a fan of a swipe of highlighter under the brow but it took years for me to find one I liked the look of when placed above my cheekbones. Creams look beautiful if you have a really smooth skin texture but because I’m prone to spots powders works better on my skin. Cue the finely milled wonder that is the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Glow Highlighter, £45, and of course I need a brush to apply it.


zoeva highlight

105 Luxe Highlight Brush

Blusher Brush

I’m a blusher on the apples of my cheeks kinda gal, I think it gives a youthful, healthy and natural feel to my look. But I also like to contour (I pored over the late make-up artist and contour King, Kevyn Aucoin’s books as a teen, so have been contouring for over a decade), which is why I love that I can use this blusher brush for both. I create a Nike-esque tick with my matte bronzer (Dior Diorskin Nude Air Tan Sun Powder, £35) that hugs my cheeks then I pop a dose of blush on the apples and blend outwards into my bronzer.

blusher brush

114 Luxe Face Focus