Diet overhaul…food delivery with a difference

Your excessive eating and drinking began in December, in January you vowed to overhaul your diet, maybe even go on a detox. Come mid January your sugar cravings got the better of you and at the start of February you attempted to ‘start again’, but it’s been cold, dark and wet and you’ve found it impossible to deny yourself some edible comforts on a daily basis. Sound like you? It definitely describes me!

I spent December eating mindfully, and following a healthy balanced diet, come Christmas day however, I drank, and ate and felt zero guilt for indulging. But during the weeks that followed my diet has become more and more unbalanced as I’ve found it increasingly difficult to get a handle on what I’m eating (and craving). It’s the sugar! All it took was a small amount every day, a biscuit here, a chocolate there and I found myself suffering from a full blown sugar addiction. I knew I had to call in the big guns to help me kick start a healthier way of eating and I also knew that drastic detoxes were not the answer. So, I tried two healthy (and delicious) food delivery plans to overhaul my eating habits, cleanse my gut and help me look and feel healthier – and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Gut cleanse…

I started with the Pure Package Nourishing Cleanse, because it works to cleanse the gut by giving it easily digestible nutrient rich foods (to stop you feeling sluggish), as well as meals teaming with live probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help the gut to work at it’s optimum level. Not only does a healthy gut mean less bloating (I always get bloated after eating sugar laden foods and carb rich meals) but it has been discovered that 90 percent of the feel good hormone serotonin comes from our gut. Which means if your gut is healthy it will have a direct impact on your mood, and frankly who doesn’t want to be happier?! A healthy gut can also help balance your weight (when the bacteria in our gut is ‘happy’ they communicate better with our hunger hormones), boost your immune system and help keep skin clear – sign me up!

Yes, this is a cleanse but it’s not ‘restrictive’, you certainly won’t feel like you’re on some ridiculous deprivation style detox, and it’s only for three days which is easy to do (even during a work week). Meals are delivered early in the morning straight to your door (you don’t have to wake-up, they will leave it in a designated area), and they even supply you with a compact blender (that you can keep) so your morning smoothie is as fresh as can be (because you blend it yourself).

A typical day’s food looks like this…

Breakfast: Clean & Green Smoothie – a mix of fruits, veg, seeds, live sheep’s yoghurt and pre & probioticsm vitamins and minerals.

Beverage: Fresh Ginger Infusion

Lunch: Wakame, tofu & Mushroom Miso Broth

Beverage: Fresh Mint Tea

Dinner: Roasted Cod with Rocket Pesto and Vegetables

The results…

No, three days isn’t long enough for anyone’s sugar cravings to subside, however, I felt well nourished, my bloating had decreased significantly and my energy levels had definitely increased – and for someone who feels permanently tired this was a real bonus.

Next up…

I then followed my three days nourishing cleanse with the Spring Green London, delivery service. Founded by Bonnie Stowell, a chef dedicated to whole-food, nutrient-rich ingredients, who has a passion for creating inventive, delicious menus that are not only full of flair but also able to transform perceptions of what healthy food looks and tastes like. This was exactly what I needed, since I’m not the most creative person in the kitchen. I tend to eat the same meals day after day, because I know they are balanced, and healthy, but, they tend to get boring very quickly – which is when I find myself reaching for my Deliveroo app or simply settling for toast and peanut butter.

PS. The saying, ‘you are what you eat’, rings true here as most meals (there are vegan, vegetarian options too) look beautiful and leave you looking better too. Keen to fuse the worlds of nutrition and beauty, Stowell works alongside a nutritionist to ensure that all the ingredients she uses help the body produce collagen, and boost anti-oxidant levels to help protect the skin from damaging environmental aggressors like UV, and pollution #winning.

A typical day’s food on the Programme 3 (plant based, non cows dairy plus land & sea protein) looks like this…

Morning Beauty Water: Hibiscus and berry infused filtered water – high in antioxidants and vitamins.

Breakfast: Raw cacao chia coconut pudding with blueberries

Snack: Daily detox green juice

Lunch: Green chicken salad bowl

Super Snack: Nutritious nuts with cacao nibs

Beverage: Jasmine Blossom + Rose

Dinner: Green pea pancakes, roasted squash, quinoa and vegetables

The results…

I only trialed the service for a day, but this fussy eater really enjoyed the meals and they inspired me to have more fun with my meal planning going forward. Grilled chicken and steamed veg gets boring, but this menu was anything but! Everything tastes delicious and it was the perfect start to day one post gut cleanse.




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