Finding Balance…comfort eating, diet mantras and more


How do you keep your head on straight when trying to get fit and lose fat?! That’s something I struggle with regularly, and that’s after spending a whole year working with experts on an emotional eating column called Brain Food for Psychologies Magazine. I spent 365 days treating my eating issues, learning how to not be on a diet, ditching the weighing scales, and removing labels when it came to what I ate (good, bad, treat etc) and I had regular therapy to delve into the really uncomfortable stuff that lead me to using food as a comfort, a distraction, and a stress reliever. Am I cured? Yes and no. We all eat for comfort at one time or another (not just when we are sad but when we are happy too), but I recognise now when I’m about to comfort eat and that awareness tends to stop me in my tracks. This new found level of self awareness and understanding of the psychology around eating and longterm weight loss has meant now that I’m training six days a week and trying to lose fat, I find it a struggle to stick to a strict regime when it comes to what I eat. I know restrictive diets may help you drop a dress size quicker but won’t help you keep the weight off for long. Am I losing weight and still gaining muscle? Yes, but could I be losing fat quicker? Yes. And there in lies the issue that I think I’m beginning to come to terms with. I’m not prepared to be like some of the girls I see on instagram who profess to be healthy yet deny themselves, who wake up at the crack of dawn to workout and then praise themselves for withstanding what they’ve made sound like a punishment. I want what I eat and how I train to fit in with my life and not the other way round. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s easier said than done. If your goal is to get fitter, of course you will exercise more and yes that might mean a few early mornings (well not for me because I am sooo not a morning person) and if you want to lose fat then you will have to adjust your eating somewhat – but I just don’t believe you need to pressure or punish yourself to reach your goals.

So when it comes to my fitness and food posts you can expect sound advice, fun workouts, balanced meals that taste delicious and a sprinkle of pure yumminess that might not make you reach your goal any quicker but will make you smile from the inside out. After all, life is to be enjoyed right?!


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