Girls trip…make the time to reconnect on a mini break


You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. However, too many of my friendships have gone from regular catch-ups to a quick text conversation and dinner every few months. This saddens me, as my friends have inspired me, taught me, consoled me in hard times and been my biggest cheerleaders. So with this in mind, I booked a night at London’s Berkeley hotel to enjoy a whole weekend together with no interruptions.

Nothing says a girls’ trip like a spa visit, and we didn’t have to venture far to get our pampering kicks. We enjoyed the wonderfully rejuvenating Bamford Body Signature Treatment – a mix of reflexology, shiatsu, meridian and Swedish massage. By cherry picking the very best elements of these techniques, you can expect your muscles to relax, your organs to detoxify and a general sense of zen to wash over you. Thankfully, this hotel’s spa isn’t overly pious. Post massage we retoxed with champers, while catching up on our sun-loungers in the lush indoor garden, that surrounds London’s only rooftop pool.

As the sun set, we retired to our suite and were welcomed by panoramic views of the city and the perfect terrace for late night chats. But before we hunkered down for the night, we headed to the Blue Bar for some imaginative cocktails – the oral elixir Violeta was among my favourites – followed by dinner at French brassière Koffmann’s. Staff here, like everyone else we encountered at the hotel, were warm and welcoming. The wine and food flowed as did the laughs and advice, as we shared our latest dating stories, work dramas and more.

After the success of our weekend, we decided to schedule in more quality time together, because good friends are hard to find and like any relationship, friendships have to be nurtured too.


The Berkeley Hotel


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