Me Time…how to get everything done without losing your mind


I have those days where the slightest mishap (not being able to find a particular item of clothing, getting lost while ‘reading’ google maps etc) will make me so upset and annoyed that I literally want to get into bed or sit on the pavement and cry. Even I know that’s not ‘normal’ and when I think about it these incidents always occur when I’m feeling overly stressed and exhausted (and running late!).

Some would say you simply shouldn’t burn the candle at both ends but I don’t think I do. Once I’ve been to work and then gone to the gym (6 days a week) I don’t really have time for me. Similarly my weekends get taken up with errands I couldn’t do in the week, training and seeing friends. By the time Sunday night rolls around I’m tired and dread waking up early on Monday morning.

Something has to give…or does it?

I’ve begun to implement a few small changes that have had a huge impact on my wellbeing, and they might just work for you too!

Buddy Workouts

I’ve never been a fan of training with other people but a three month stint in New York, (where I took six group classes a week) has made me view training with others in a new light (your PT isn’t the only person who can motivate you, and there’s something to be said about the whole ‘team spirit’ thing). So, now that I’m back in London I’ve been inviting my friends to train with me post work, then catch-up with me over dinner after. I’ve managed to fit seeing a couple of friends into my work week, keep up with my training, and opened up a slot or two on the weekend that I can use to relax and recharge and be a couch potato without feeling guilty.

Midweek Rest Day

In theory fitting your workouts into your work week sounds great. The idea of fully relaxing over the weekend really appeals to me. However, by the time Friday rolls around I’m pretty beat (working as a beauty editor isn’t all sniffing perfume and trying on make-up). I’ve decided to make my rest day a week day, it does mean I train on Saturday and Sunday (I still refuse to wake up early though) but I don’t feel so shattered during the week. Having more energy has far reaching benefits – I don’t skip meal prep as often as I used to, my room is far tidier as I actually have the energy to put things away rather than chucking them on the floor (and losing them in the process). In general I feel far more organised and that really helps to reduce my stress levels.

Weekly Bathing

Obviously I shower on the other six days but one day a week I now bathe. I’ve never been a bath person, I’m too impatient. Showers are quick and easy but they don’t really help when it comes to relaxation and there is something incredibly centring about bathing with intention. So, now in a bid to relax I indulge in a hot bath (not good for the skin but I don’t care) laced with either calming oils, epsom salts, magnesium or arnica and then I switch off the lights and force myself to be quiet and still. It sets me up for a peaceful sleep and I wake up feeling calm. Who knew a tub of water could do all that?!







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