Man Hunt…how to find love

When the cashier at your local Waitrose (who has literally known you your whole life) tells you to get a move on and get married; and when you’re constantly bombarded with Clear Blue ovulation ads online – it’s bound to get a little jarring. Annoyance used to be my go… View Post

Spot the Difference…my quest for clear skin

I got into beauty because of my love of make-up. Like most teens I used it as a form of self-expression and transformation. This love of the feel good factor cosmetics gave me and my passion for expression through the medium of writing is what made me pursue beauty journalism.… View Post

Dream Team…group workouts have upped the ante with a dose of team spirit

Desperate to get out of London, out of the slump I felt I’d gotten into after leaving a job I’d held for over three years and in need of a major dose of energy I ‘ran away’ to New York. I knew if I could overhaul my eating habits, and… View Post