Me Time…how to get everything done without losing your mind

I have those days where the slightest mishap (not being able to find a particular item of clothing, getting lost while ‘reading’ google maps etc) will make me so upset and annoyed that I literally want to get into bed or sit on the pavement and cry. Even I know… View Post

The Body Holiday…fun and games in St Lucia

‘Give us your body and we will give you back your mind,’ promises the BodyHoliday, St Lucia – just what I needed after turning 29 and going through a period of unusual personal stress – thanks to all the impossible must achieve by 30 goals I’d set myself (some of… View Post

Brush Lust…my favourite make-up brushes revealed

With so many beauty products launching day in and day out it takes a lot to get me excited. But the one thing that after over 10 years as a beauty journalist is guaranteed to get my attention is a really good make-up brush! It’s not just the look (although… View Post

Meet your Matcha…boost your mood and energy levels in an instant

I am obsessed with all things matcha. It started on my trip to Tokyo, Japan (which is where my obsession for Japanese custard filled pancakes began too – more on those soon). I was lucky enough to go to a traditional tea ceremony, where we witnessed the ancient art of… View Post

Box Clever…why this full body workout is all the rage

Boxing has had somewhat of a revival – there’s Shadow Box in New York (who paved the way for chic boutique women friendly boxing spots) and Gotham Gym – both of which I tried and loved when I went to NYC last month for Fashion Week. Kobox here in London (I’m a big… View Post