Dating don’ts…the 3 reasons why chasing your crush is the ultimate mistake 

Growing up I was taught if you worked hard enough, and stayed focused, you could achieve/have whatever you want. Sadly, the realities of life have proven that is not the case. Nevertheless, this way of thinking is so ingrained in me that it shapes how I go about everything in life… View Post

My top 5…the beauty buys I’m obsessed with right now

I’m a major product junkie, it’s my job after all. However, a whole lot of boxes need to be ticked to get on my ‘love list’. As a Beauty Editor I’m sent products to test on a daily basis, something I found incredibly exciting when I started as a Beauty… View Post

Brows that wow…my eyebrow grooming rules

‘Wow your brows are amazing!’. Not a week goes by where total strangers don’t stop me in the street, in shops, and even sidle up to me on the tube – no not to chat me up (sadly) but to compliment my eyebrows. As someone who is obsessed with brows… View Post

Don’t text your ex…my game-changing hacks

Not speaking to someone you love or like a lot is one of the hardest things, ever! It’s crazy to think that once a person has left your life you can feel such an immense void. What’s worse is when that person has made the decision to walk away from… View Post

Find happiness…WIN tickets to Project Love’s ‘Design a Life you Love’ course

WIN – 2 pairs of tickets to ‘Design a Life You Love’ – the brand new online course by Project Love. I’m all about the pursuit of happiness and this New Year is gearing up to be my happiest yet! How do I know? Well, I’ve enrolled onto the Project… View Post