Girls trip…make the time to reconnect on a mini break

  You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. However, too many of my friendships have gone from regular catch-ups to a quick text conversation and dinner every few months. This saddens me, as my friends have inspired me, taught me, consoled me in hard times and… View Post

So Emotional…4 ways to deal with comfort eating

So many of us comfort eat, but when it impacts your life in a negative way it may well be time to make a change. Step away from the pizza and read these practical tips to help you make the distinction between eating to sate your appetite or merely having food to… View Post

Emotional rollercoaster…the 5 stages of post break-up grief & how to heal fast

Be it two years or two months, the end of a ‘relationship’ can feel like a loss. You not only mourn what you had, but also what you could have had; which, in my opinion is even worse – because lets keep it real, these are usually rose tinted fantasies.… View Post

Open up…the latest massage therapy fuses touch and talk

Recognising how connected our minds and bodies really are, a new breed of therapists use the power of speech to enrich their body therapy offerings… Have you ever left the hairdressers with a renewed sense of purpose or walked out of a spa with an air of calm, feeling much… View Post

Lavender lover…why I adore the reinvention of this traditional fragrance note

The purple plant is in the throes of a reinvention, but it’s not just lavender’s unmistakable scent that’s making it a modern perfumer’s masterstroke. Come back kid Long associated with old-fashioned soap and elderly ladies, I assumed lavender wasn’t for me. I like warm, powerful scents, not airily floral fragrances… View Post