Online dating…how to ace your profile

Whether you’re a Tinderella, Happnista or a Bumbleite, it’s worth taking into consideration a few expert approved dos and don’ts to guarantee your best profile yet… 1. Ditch multiple pouty selfies and go for action shots. You on a hike, diving into the sea, or running a 10k etc. Images that reveal something… View Post

Body basics…do we really need extra protein?

Protein; it’s the fitness and nutrition buzzword that doesn’t seem to be going away; but do we really need to be guzzling protein shakes, scoffing protein balls, or devouring protein bowls post workout like pro-athletes? Or, is the never ending obsession with protein mere marketing bumf to flog more powder… View Post

Water therapy…my Moroccan hammam experience at La Mamounia, Marrakech

Feeling disconnected from the world? Perhaps an age old pastime could be the answer to bringing you back to the here and now. Ancient civilisations such as the Greeks, Romans and Arabians have understood the healing properties and wellness benefits of daily bathing – not only the power of water,… View Post

Body hair…shouldn’t the only opinion that matters be our own?

Jessica, 32, was sick and tired of forking out for fortnightly waxes. ‘I decided to take my sprouting bikini line into my own hands – how hard could it be?!’ What ensued, you really couldn’t make up. ‘I’d done everything right, but when the time came to rip the cloth… View Post

Clean slate…my pick of the best quick and easy make-up removers

Party season is fast approaching and I know it can be all too tempting to sleep in your make-up. Luckily I’ve found the make-up removers that are high in efficacy but low in effort. Sacrificing your skin for sleep just became a thing of the past… Cleopatra did it with… View Post