Unlucky in love…are these the reasons you attract unavailable men

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m jinxed when it comes to my love life. Why? Well I seem to constantly attract people who are unavailable. Either they’re not single or simply emotionally unavailable; either way my relationship history is dotted with these types of men. There’s been the flirty co-worker who failed… View Post

Breakups…how to move on – fast!

Whether it’s a couple of dates, a couple of months or even years, I have found it hard in the past to simply ‘wash that man right out of my hair’ and move on. There’s the disappointment, anger and sometimes even shock to deal with. But after a recent dalliance went sour, I was… View Post

Weight Loss…why I don’t weigh myself, achievement based targets and more

I’m a bundle of contradictions (aren’t we all?), who soo doesn’t have it all figured out yet (does anyone?). But when it comes to weighing myself I’m a firm believer in ‘just do(n’t) do it!’ Why, you may well ask, especially if one of your goals is to actually weigh… View Post

Dating Woes…how it feels to be rejected

I realised recently I don’t do well with rejection; you may well be thinking who does? But I have a feeling that the most successful and happy people on the planet are those that are able to brush off rejection with ease. Be it from a dream job, a friend… View Post

Lay the Foundation…my ultimate bases revealed

I’m a huge fan of foundation; full coverage, liquid versions that feel like a second skin but have the ability to conceal spots, scars and pigmentation. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for embracing ones natural beauty – but I don’t see the harm in a little smoke… View Post