Online dating…how to ace your profile

img_4253Whether you’re a Tinderella, Happnista or a Bumbleite, it’s worth taking into consideration a few expert approved dos and don’ts to guarantee your best profile yet…

1. Ditch multiple pouty selfies and go for action shots. You on a hike, diving into the sea, or running a 10k etc. Images that reveal something about you get more messages than those that don’t.

When it comes to your head shot make sure you are looking directly into the camera (and smile) as it’s also been proven by that women receive more responses with these types of pics. It’s also worth changing your main photo regularly, as guys who have previously skipped over you may reconsider when they are faced with a new image of you.

Also, don’t go for pics where you think you look your best. Oddly less attractive people get more attention online, so try candid shots that reveal a ‘flaw’ or two. Why? It’s game theory, if everyone thinks you’re super attractive, many will come to the conclusion that you are insanely popular and they may well be overlooked. However, if someone thinks you are attractive but not necessarily a universal beauty, they will presume they have less competition, which is an extra incentive for them to get in touch.

2. If you want a guy to message you something other than, ‘you’re FIT’, give them something to go on. But, don’t yammer on as men respond better to visuals. Rope in a friend to help you come up with 4-5 adjectives that best describe you, and let those be the focus of your bio. However, don’t just list them, write a line for each that showcases that quality/interest. For example, if you’re a foodie, tell them how you once drove an hour away for the best slice of pizza.

3. Ditch any negativity, your profile should be positive and upbeat. Avoid ranting on about what you are not looking for and just focus on qualities/the type of encounter you are looking for. Oh and if sarcasm is your thing, ditch that too, as it rarely translates well in written form.

4. Be honest. This should be a no brainer, but I’m sure we’ve all come across fake profiles, or messaged back and forth with someone only to discover that their ‘stories’ don’t really add up. If you’re looking for a relationship or even just to date, it’s important to keep it real. Photos should be current and embellishment should be kept to a minimum (you don’t want that lie to bite you in the bum further down the line).