WIN…a selection of Dermalogica skincare

Many moons ago, about 14 years to be exact, Dermalogica was the must have skincare brand making major waves in the US. Unavailable in the UK, I made it my mission on my first trip to New York to find it and buy a ton of it! Now, I must admit, when I finally found the products (two subway lines, a 20 minute walk, and a trip in a rather scary elevator, in a nondescript building that housed the tiniest spa I ever did see) my skin hated me for it.

High in actives, my sensitive, spotty teenage skin reacted to the products, and because I didn’t know what I know now (which is to stay the course) I chucked them all after only a week. For years I steered clear of the brand, even when fellow beauty ed’s and friends raved about it. Then, last year after having my ‘face mapped’ (go to any counter or store and consultants will analyse your skin and then advise you on the best products to use) at a launch, I decided to give the brand another go. I now wish I’d done it sooner, because it became abundantly clear that I had been missing out on some majorly good skincare!

If you want to get your hands on some too, go to my homepage and SUBSCRIBE – one lucky new subscriber will WIN* a selection of Dermalogica skincare – trust me, you’re going to love it!


* competition ends 21/05/2017

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